Our Mission

Philosophy of Bright Star After School
and Summer Camp

Bright Star is a comprehensive After School and Summer Camp Program which serves children in the most critical times – – when they are away from parents. In our Academic Support Component, we assist students in completing their daily Homework Assignments which further their academic experience beyond school hours. We approach our services to children with sensitivity, congeniality, diligence and excellence. We believe that as we provide students with guidance academically and socially we are contributing to family success, while also assisting in alleviating the worries and pressures of child care which so many working parents require in order to provide for the overall basic financial needs in their households.

P.S. 3 - Home of Bright Star After School Program

P.S. 3 – Home of Bright Star After School Program

• Competent and Reliable
• Skillful Delivery of Instruction
• Positive Instructional Support Environment
• Positive and Respectful
• Good Community Relations – – with Parents, Administration, School Building General Staff, within the Communities of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Fort Greene and Clinton Hill sections of Brooklyn, NY.

Students are organized into teams based upon age/grade. Each team is given a name and color to identify them and are assigned to staff intermittently. Each team will function in an orderly fashion, influenced and motivated by standards and safety rules presented by the Bright Star Staff. We are committed to the well being and safety of each child entrusted to us. We maintain positive relationships with our parents and students. As a staff, we wholeheartedly pursue the business of serving children with integrity, diligence and commitment.